woman lying and having back massage at spa

We provide only the best ofNaturalorganic and skin care products.

The instinct to retreat, to escape is often ignored, we strongly encouraged our clients to indulge and partake in this tranquil sense of purpose, and pampering treatments.

Salters GLO provides award-winning in-home care and services for seniors, adults and kids who need assistance at home. We are your neighbours, our expert-trained home care professionals bringing faith, trust, and integrity to all families in the local community. We are passionate not only about your care but about your health, wealth and over-all well being.

We’re Different.

Salters Glo in home care and services offers transparent care, that elevate the human spirit by providing safety, security, and comfort to our customers and their families, especially in times of social isolation. Not only that, but we also offer flexible, rewarding home care services, enabling all to thrive and achieve greater well being by fostering moments of joy, connection, and purpose.